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Programme Facilitator

Programme facilitators run therapeutic programmes that are designed to help offenders understand the factors that to their offending. They help offenders to take responsibility for their actions, motivate them to change their thinking and behaviour and teach them new skills which will help them lead crime free lives.

Programmes are usually delivered face-to-face in small groups, but can also involve working one-on-one with offenders. This requires planning, preparing and delivering a variety of programmes as well as monitoring the participants’ progress to make sure they are getting the most out of their sessions. Corrections is internationally respected as providing high quality, effective programmes, and our programme facilitators receive practice supervision with a strong focus on peer review and feedback to assist in continual development.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who:

  • have strong communication and relationship skills
  • can work effectively with people from all walks of life
  • are attune to the dynamics and emotions in a room
  • can safely manage situations where participants are experiencing heightened emotions
  • hold a tertiary qualification (in areas such as psychology, social work or counselling)
  • have the ability to self-reflect and be willing to take feedback and be challenged
  • have experience applying theoretical concepts to their work and have strong analytical and critical reasoning skills
  • have knowledge and experience of Maori and Pacific cultures.

Meet Jeena

Previously: OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) manager/youth worker
Now: Programme facilitator

When Jeena joined the department she had been working with children in out of school care and empowering youth through sport. She had studied psychology and human development at university and this had helped her understand behaviour and develop realistic expectations of others.

“I really enjoyed what I did, but I felt like I wanted more, a group of people who had more need in the community.”

When Jeena first saw the job advertisement for the programme facilitator role at Corrections she wasn’t sure if she had the right background or experience. However it quickly became clear that the skills she had - resilience, patience, behaviour management, being energetic, creative and real – were a great match for what was needed for the role.

“It’s really important to be able to focus on people’s strengths, rather than the negatives – most people we deal with have had that their whole lives.”

Find out more about Jeena and learn what it is like to work on the frontline as a programme facilitator with Corrections.

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Salary range Hours Driver licence required? Uniform Training
$58,888 - $69,179 Normally 40 hours a week Monday to Friday, with some courses being delivered after hours and on Saturdays Yes An allowance is provided by the Department to purchase work wear Frontline Start (three weeks)
Role specific training (eight weeks intensive training with total of two years supervision and development)
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Programme Facilitator Pathway

The Programme Facilitators Pathway follows on from Frontline Start (see below) and provides a full curriculum for new programme facilitators over a two year period.

The initial Facilitator Pathway Training is an intensive eight week programme, which includes three weeks in a classroom environment. Classroom-based courses are delivered in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland or Hamilton. In between the classroom modules, structured activities and assignments are completed back at your local office so you begin to see and learn about the facilitator role.

The Facilitator Pathway training includes:

  • Self management (professional behaviour)
  • Facilitation of group learning
  • Planning delivery and reporting of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) therapeutic programmes
  • Application of theoretical concepts
  • Working with Maori and Pacific values, concepts and processes
  • Co-facilitation and management of programme relationships and organisation.

Frontline Start

Frontline Start is a three week programme designed to give new staff an understanding of what Corrections does and how they play their part in reducing re-offending in their new role. You will join with other new staff from around the country beginning their careers with Corrections in a range of frontline roles. The first and third weeks of the programme are spent in Wellington at Corrections’ National Office. Corrections will arrange and pay for travel, accommodation and food for weeks one and three and for any other training that requires staff to be away from home.

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