Why us

The Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa offers a unique opportunity to contribute to public safety and positive social change. We manage both community-based and prison-based corrections, aiming to rehabilitate offenders and reduce re-offending rates.

The Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa offers a unique opportunity to contribute to public safety and positive social change. We manage both community-based and prison-based corrections, aiming to rehabilitate offenders and reduce re-offending rates.

Kotahi anō te kaupapa: ko te oranga o te iwi

There is only one purpose to our work: the wellness and well-being of people


Priority 1

Improve public safety

Priority 2

Reduce re-offending

Priority 3

Reduce the over representation of Māori in correctional facilities


Our five values aren’t just what we believe, they guide us in everything we say and do.


We develop supportive relationships.

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  • We proactively involve whānau/family, the wider community and other professionals and work collaboratively to achieve better outcomes.
  • Whanaungatanga (process to establish engagement and connections between people) is something we do inherently.
  • We engage with people to link them with their whānau and provide a community of support where all opinions are considered and respected.
  • We work as a team and share information to achieve better outcomes.


We are unified and focused in our efforts.

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  • We provide opportunities to enhance wellbeing, including mental wellbeing
  • We put the person at the centre of our focus, we listen to their voice and provide opportunities for them to talk and think about their situation, their future and how to get there.
  • We connect spiritually, physically and emotionally with whānau and communities in order to succeed.
  • We celebrate success.


We are responsive and responsible.

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  • We strive to keep everyone safe every day and take responsibility for our health and safety and for those around us.
  • We provide a safe and validating environment where everyone is supported to participate.
  • We are respectful towards human differences and responsive to individual needs and rights.
  • We consider the physical and emotional safety of those around us in every interaction.


We demonstrate leadership and are accountable.

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  • We provide opportunities for people to develop and have regular conversations.
  • We are transparent when we communicate and explain the rationale for our decisions.
  • We care about everyone's safety and wellbeing, and role model positive behaviour and lead by example.
  • We support people to perform their best and we hold ourselves to account.
  • We act with integrity in all we do.


We care for and respect everyone.

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  • We care for and respect everyone
  • We treat everyone in a humane manner and with respect acknowledging their ethnicity, gender, sexuality and age.
  • We acknowledge and care about the people we work with.
  • We assess needs, target interventions and provide a constructive environment to develop people.
  • We engage and communicate using positive language in order to work effectively with all people.
  • We promote personal responsibility and autonomy.


Partnership and Leadership

We build and maintain authentic relationships

Humanising and healing

Our focus is on the oranga of people


People are a part of the rehabilitation and reintegration journey.

Incorporating a Te Ao Māori worldview

Kaupapa Māori approaches inform our work

Foundations for participation

People can safely reintegrate in to our community

The balance is right


Here at Ara Poutama Aotearoa, we understand that whānau is everything, which is why we do everything we can to support you and yours.

Flexible working

We support our people to work in a way that best suits their needs, where safe and appropriate to do so.

More days off for custodial staff

Our rostering system aims to improve work-life balance for our custodial staff, giving them more rostered days off to spend with whānau and look after their wellbeing.

Supporting your wellbeing

With employee-led networks, staff welfare co-ordinators, an online vitality hub and more, there’s plenty of places to connect with others and get support.

What we can offer

What’s important to you is important to us too, which is why we offer a competitive support package to all of our staff.

Competitive salaries

With opportunities for career progression.

Wellbeing & support

Access to Employee assistance programme - a professional counselling service
Discounted childcare with Best Start


Support to complete long-term work-related qualifications.

Equal employment opportunities

We aim to provide a safe, supportive and responsive environment.

Union representation

Collective bargaining with a positive and proactive relationship with our unions.

Health & wellness

Health checks, vaccinations, eye wear, discounted health & personal insurance.

Banking & Superannuation

Access a range of banking and superannuation packages.

Retail Discounts

Discounts with Macpac, Microsoft, eBikes, and more.

Cultural responsiveness

Building partnerships, being responsive, and being effective for Māori.

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New Zealand is a country like no other. We’re different down here, in our little corner of the world. There are endless reasons why people travel near and far to make Aotearoa home.

New Zealand is one of the safest places to live in the world.

Excellent quality of life.

We’re very multicultural.

New Zealand is a safe and friendly environment to raise a family.

With a population of only 5 million, New Zealand isn’t densely populated

We’re one of the least corrupt places in the world

The people are really friendly - you can get an egg from your neighbour

Nature’s literally on your doorstep, from picturesque beaches to the wild untamed wilderness — we have it all.

Our food, wine and cheese is some of the best in the world.

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