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Welcome! Thanks for checking out the frontline opportunities at Corrections. There's a lot more to working for Corrections than meets the eye, so check out all five frontline roles and see what interests you most.

Our recruitment team will guide you through the selection process and into the right role. If you are looking to move to New Zealand and are interested in becoming a Corrections Officer, we can help you with that. We are committed making your journey as easy as possible and love helping overseas recruits fit right in. Find out more here.

Our people come from a wide variety of countries, cultures and backgrounds and we welcome this diversity.

Keep reading to find out more about regional opportunities within the country. You can also meet some of our amazing frontline staff as they share their stories.

What is the frontline?

Working on the frontline at Corrections means you work face to face with offenders every day. This can be in a prison or in the community, but either way you will be engaging and aiming to positively motivate some of New Zealand’s most difficult citizens.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reduce re-offending and keep the public safe. While it can be a challenge, the rewards can be life changing and that’s why the average length of time someone stays on our frontline is 8 years!

Our focus on reducing re-offending means we are looking for people who enjoy being in a team, have great communication skills, are calm under pressure and genuinely believe people can change.

Safety is our number one priority, so the training is intensive and starts from day one. You’ll need to be ‘up for it’ as we put you through your paces to make sure you have what it takes to work face to face with our offenders.

What’s in it for you? Our people tell us their career at Corrections gives them the chance to work with a team of people who want to change lives. You’ll get both career and personal growth, job security, a competitive salary, health checks and other benefits.

Watch our frontline staff’s stories below. They give insight into each of the five different frontline roles, and will talk about how they change lives and shape futures.

Our people

Corrections officers, case managers, nurses, instructors (offender employment), probation officers, community work supervisors, psychologists and programme facilitators work directly with offenders in prison and in the community to encourage positive change.

Take a look at our people below to learn more about these roles. They are just a small selection of the roles at Corrections - view the full list of vacancies and apply for a role now.

Picture of Quentin
Meet Quentin
Previously: IT Salesman Now: Probation officer Read his story
Picture of Conan
Meet Conan
Previously: Labourer Now: Case manager Read his story
Picture of Jeena
Meet Jeena
Previously: Youth worker Now: Programme facilitator Read her story
Picture of Sam
Meet Sam
Previously: Landscaper Now: Instructor Read his story

Our application process

This application process is specifically for corrections officers, probation officers, programme facilitators, case managers and instructors.

Have a look at our job list and once you’ve decided what you’d like to apply for, please start your application online.

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