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Leaning into leadership

"Lean into opportunities, feel the fear and do it anyway, and be your authentic self" are some of the takeaways Caleb, currently seconded as an Assistant Prison Director, had from a programme for emerging leaders in the Central Region.

What does it take to run a kitchen inside a prison?

Gareth, a catering instructor from Invercargill Prison, shares some insights into his role preparing meals for the site, and passing his skills on to people in prison.

Recipient of the 2023 Ria McBride Public Service Award - Carolina

Carolina is a wife, mother and part-time Corrections Officer at Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison (HBRP). She is also the distinguished recipient of the 2023 Ria McBride Public Service Award.

From writing about Corrections to becoming the subject matter

Michelle’s journey with Ara Poutama Aotearoa started with a story much like this one.

Punk attitude translated into te reo Māori

Probation Officer Angelo Munro features in a documentary produced by Waiata Anthems about his experience translating his music into te reo Māori and his work as a probation officer.

Charmaine’s story: Wellbeing and whānau the key to change

Charmaine Roberts was just 15 when she left school. Subjected to racism and underwhelmed with an education system where she felt she didn’t quite fit.