6 October 2022

Kirsty Tulip – Systems Trainer

Kirsty Tuplip

For Systems Trainer Kirsty Tulip, it was the desire to make a difference that motivated her to first apply for a role at Ara Poutama Aotearoa as an Education Tutor.

“I held a similar position in the UK and I loved seeing the pride in my learners’ faces when they achieved their goals. I wanted to experience this in my own country, so I joined the department.

The role meant I spent a lot of time speaking with the men, planning their education pathway, and helping them realise they were people with skills and talent. I wanted to be able to help people be the best version of themselves.”

In her current role as a Systems Trainer, Kirsty is continuing to help people to learn - this time through developing and delivering training on the systems that the department uses.

“We provide guidance on best practice for training staff in new products, and work with individual teams on developing fit for purpose training.

This includes developing the training, creating resources (online, guides and class resources), right through to delivery of the training (whether that be face-to-face, online, or self-paced learning).”

She says that a piece of work that she particularly enjoyed recently was the opportunity to help improve systems for Education Tutors. Having just stepped out of the role as an Education Tutor herself, Kirsty says she loved the opportunity to be able to develop a support package for tutors nationwide and travel to deliver face to face training.

Another standout project was being involved with the roll out of Kronos (the system used for rostering staff in the prisons) across the Department.

“I was one of the facilitators who was lucky enough to visit most prison sites during this project. This meant I had the opportunity to support staff learning the new system in a dedicated environment and face to face. With the challenges COVID-19 brought to the project it was very satisfying to see the last prisons move to the system earlier this year. The journey we took from the first site we delivered to the last was definitely a windy road, but I grew with it and loved having the opportunity to connect with frontline.”

Kirsty says that having the opportunity to interact with people, whether that be learners or project staff, is one of her favourite parts of her role. She says that a highlight for her “is when people have light bulb moments, that may be in a learning session or during planning of training.”

“The thing that drives me is still the same as the reason I joined the department in the first place. I want to help and support people be the best they can. Everyone is different and if I can help a person understand a small piece of the work they do (in their role) a little better, I hope this flows on to supporting the men and women in the prisons.”

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